Rerouting After A Breakdown

ft. Yuliya Chernykhovskaya

  • Not happy living her vision board life [3:51]
  • There’s no breakthrough without a breakdown first [7:07]
  • Just because you're good at something doesn't mean you have to do it [7:30]
  • The exercise the helped Yuliya get honest with her desires [9:35]
  • Clarity can come once you step away from a situation [11:30]
  • Things don’t just happen after you get clarity. You have to then take massive action [12:45]
  • When things are up in the air, it gives us an opportunity to reorganize [14:10]
  • Working based on discipline vs inspiration can help you figure out if you’re out of alignment [20:17]

When you have the external validation-the likes, the following, the client success stories, the money-internally you MUST be happy, right?

Not always.

Yuliya’s story dives into this grey zone where not many go. The zone of “I’m living my vision-board but I’m not happy” zone.

She shares how the transition from stepping away from her health coaching business after her most successful month to stepping into the 9-5 life was a blessing in disguise

If you’re feeling burnt out, unhappy, or confused in your business- this episode is for you!

Yuliya Chernykhovskaya Interview

About Yuliya Chernykhovskaya

Yuliya is a Business Strategist for Health & Wellness Coaches. Yuliya helps them build their business infrastructure, sales system, and most importantly, working on a mindset for unshakeable success. She is also a yoga teacher, NLP practitioner, nutritionist, and energy healer.

Episode Recap

The Leap

Yuliya had put in 3.5 years of hard work building her health coaching business.

There wasn’t much business help for health coaches back then so she came at it from so many different angles. She went from being a nutritionist to network marketing to working with women on their relationship with food.

It had taken her so long to finally create a business that she thought she wanted.

But, the more successful it was the more unhappy she was.

Yuliya would criticize herself because she wasn’t happy living her “vision-board life”.

She thought “What is going on? This is my dream business! I’m doing what I love! I’m helping these amazing women! I’m sharing what I always wanted share!”

It became clear that her previous battle with Orthorexia was translating into her constantly putting pressure on herself to be the perfect Health Coach.

Emotionally it was destroying her and she realized she couldn’t continue it anymore.

So, after her most successful month, she stepped away and got a 9-5 job.

She felt as if she gave up on herself and the women she was helping. Feelings of failure and guilt stirred up.

The Opportunity

Being at a corporate job, and working for someone else gave Yuliya the opportunity to reorganize her life and dreams. Yuliya utilized her hour and 40 minute commute to think about what she really wanted.

During her reflective time, she did an exercise that helped her get honest with her desires and had that breakthrough moment she had hopped for.

She realized that she should be helping other health coaches build their businesses.

From there, it was time to hustle.

She worked on her new business in the mornings, during her commute, during lunch, and after work.

Yuliya’s 9-5 bit the dust after only lasting 4 months.

It was clear that she found her passion and all it took was stepping away from the previous business she built.

What She Learned

The 9-5 life helped Yuliya see that when things are up in the air it gives us an opportunity to reorganize it all. That’s exactly what she did and she was thankful for the opportunity to do so.

She also learned that in stressful situations we have a choice- to let it empower us or let it take our power away.

Yuliya’s Advice On Finding Alignment In Your Business

Take a step back, rest and come back to it with a clearer mind.

Once you’re there, ask yourself- “If I could do anything what would I be doing? What would I be talking to people about? What are the things I’m constantly googling or reading?”

Those are the things you should probably center your business around .

It might just be a 2 mm tweak that makes all the difference.

Quick Round

Morning routine? I always start off with meditation and visualization. I visualize three things.
1. What I’m going to do that day and I visualize myself completing those tasks.
2. The big picture-what my dream life is.
3. Three moments that I’m grateful for.

Last app you used? Instagram-but my favorite is the Be Focused app

Something you’re loving? Weekend trips to the beach!


Yuliya’s favorite productivity app: Be Focused App

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