Your Most Powerful Tool: Mindfulness

ft. Lexi D'Angelo

  • Lexi realized she was making other people's goals and dreams her own [6:21]
  • There’s no one way of creating success [10:10]
  • Follow intuition first, then add in structure [12:21]
  • Everyone's signs of burning out are different-learn to recognize yours [16:42]
  • It’s okay to slow down- we are humans not robots [17:15]
  • Slowing down can save you time and effort [17:50]
  • Focus on the most impactful things inside your business to see better results [20:37]
  • Delegation and collaboration are powerful [21:21]

Burnout. We want to avoid it. Right?


We hear people in our ears- “Don’t work TOO hard, you’re going to burn out.”

What do we hear when we ARE burnt out?

“I told you so”

If you feel like you’re about to burnout or feel disconnected from your business, this episode is for you.
Lexi shares her own burnout story and how mindfulness helped her recover and how it currently helps prevent it from happening again.

Lexi D'Angelo Interview

About Lexi D'Angelo

Lexi is a Leadership Activator for multi-passionate and visionary female entrepreneurs and founder of Biz Woo School. She empowers her students to uncover their truth, claim their inherent magic, and create a soul-shaking movement. Lexi is a big believer in tossing out the cookie cutters so you can create success on your own terms. After all, Lexi believes that this life is meant to be enjoyed and if things aren’t feeling fun and aligned, you’re doing it wrong. Lexi is enjoying life in Boston, MA with her fiancé Jake and their two fluff balls Kado and Nola.

Episode Recap

Waking Up From Someone Else’s Dream

During the back end of a launch, Lexi started to wake up unhappy. She wasn’t excited to run her program anymore.

It was also the same month she hit 6 figures, which was something she thought was going to make everything amazing. Turns out, it was the opposite.

Her business wasn’t fun anymore.

Signs of “this isn’t working” started to pop up in the form of stomach pain, which led her to the hospital, an overflowing calendar of discovery calls suddenly became empty, and her bank account rapidly decreasing.

It was time to re-evaluate.

The Opportunity

Everyday for 3 months, she asked herself the following questions:

How am I feeling?
How do I want to feel instead?
What actions can get me there?

Mindfulness was her most powerful tool.

Lexi went from structured to-do lists to free-flowing. Having no plan led to her to the world of Astrology, which led her to deepen her spirituality side.

From there, the pieces started to come together.

Lexi let her intuition guide her until she figured out what she wanted, then she added the structure back in.

This idea led her to create a school where others can learn how to marry the strategy business side with the spiritual and soulful side.

What She Learned

Slowing down may be a scary thing but Lexi learned that it’s both necessary and beneficial. By taking a 3 month hiatus, it allowed her to create the Biz Woo School, meet all her teachers, discover a new passion in Astrology, and help female entrepreneurs in a new way. She also learned to stay true to her own desires and not follow someone else’s.

Lexi’s Advice on Slowing Down & Being Yourself

Everyone is different so don’t follow someone else’s dreams or goals. If you need to slow down, slow down. It can save you time and effort. If you’re pushing forward when you’re not in alignment, you’re going to veer way off track. Be you, not somebody else. It’s important to have fun and enjoy the business and life we’re building. Do it in your own way!

Quick Round

Morning routine? I don’t have a morning routine. Instead, I think about how I want to feel and do something that will make me feel that way. Something consistent that I’ve been doing is walking on the beach every morning.

Best productivity business app? Slack

If you could go back in time, would you? What would you change? No, I wouldn’t go back in time. Everything happens for a reason and I’m grateful for the present moment.


Mentioned by Laysa when talking about marrying the right & the left brain: The Brand Gap

One of Lexi’s favorite business tools to communicate with her team: Slack

A productivity tool that integrates with Slack: Trello

Lexi also uses this tool to save time when working with her team: Asana

The Chrome App that Lexi uses to avoid Facebook distractions: Kill Newsfeed

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