Confidence Comes From Experience

ft. Andrea Rhoades

  • When you put yourself out there, you're going to get someone who disagrees with you [2:40]
  • Make the best decision you can based on where you are and what you know [6:25]
  • Confidence comes from experience [7:20]
  • The best decision, is making a decision [10:53]
  • Nothing is permanent and you can pivot if needed [11:09]
  • The standard of perfection comes from piecing together extreme individual displays of achievement on social media [17:52]

When we put ourselves out there online, we’re opening ourselves to judgement.

What if a part of your life was put out there for all to see and you got criticized for it?

What do you do?

How would you feel?

Probably a mixture of emotions, right?

Maybe even questioning who you are?

This is exactly where we dive into Andrea’s story, which shows how judgement sparked self-doubt, which turned into confidence.

Andrea Rhoades Interview

About Andrea Rhoades

Andrea is the creator of Selfies to Selfless, a site for millennial moms. She saw a gap in parenting advice for her generation and wanted to create a community for millennial moms that addresses their unique challenges. Her writing has been featured on distinguished blogs like Huffington Post and Scary Mommy. She’s a midwest mom of two who enjoys helping new moms find their balance in their new role in life.

Episode Recap

The Judgement

Andrea was outside playing catch with her 3 yr old son while she had her 3 mo old daughter in her front carrier. Her husband sneakily snapped a picture and it turned out to be one of her favorite pictures of all time. She felt like a badass mom and it was a great mommy moment for her.

Her husband posted it on Facebook and she was proud of it. The comments made on the photo were just as she expected- “that’s so sweet, how cute, love that, how awesome.”

Then, a comment came rolling in that she least expected. “You’re putting your daughter in danger by wearing her in front and playing catch with your son. What if the baseball hit her?”

When Andrea saw that comment, she was angry at first, but then was engulfed by the self-doubt.

Is she right?
Am I a bad mom?
Did I put her in danger?

She snapped out of the self-doubting talk and reminded herself that she played Division I Softball. So she knew she was more than capable to control the situation.

Confident thoughts rushed in allowing her to let the comment roll off.

Nobody knows how well my son can or can’t throw a ball, or how well I can or can’t catch. No one knows me or my kids better than myself.

The Opportunity

She took how she felt in this moment and asked- what else are millennial moms going through? She discovered there wasn’t much support out there for them. She decided to be that support by creating Selfies to Selfless.

What She Learned

This moment was one of many that helped her learn how to shut out the outside judging voices by remembering who she is and what her strengths are.

Andrea’s Advice

Know yourself first before making any life decisions. Figure out what you’re good, hone in on it, and be the best in your lane.

Quick Round

Morning routine? Get the kids up early, dressed and fed and out the door!

Something you’re loving? Being outdoors in the nice weather!

Exciting project? Working on building a coaching program for millennial moms.

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